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Best 4 Mechanical keyboard !

Posted by admin04 October 2021

     Cherry mx keyboard

The Filco Majestouch 2, also known as the MJ2, is highly regarded by the mechanical keyboard community. It has a reputation for being extremely well-built.

Diatec Corp., a Japanese firm, manufactures Filco products. Since 1982, the company has specialised on computer peripherals and mobile devices.

     Vortex POK3R keyboards

Vortex's POK3R mechanical keyboard, also known as the Poker3, is part of a line of tiny, configurable mechanical keyboards. Aside from its one-of-a-kind style and small size, the keyboard can also be programmed. The design of the POK3R keyboard is unusual. The keycaps and switches are mounted on top of the keyboard tray, a blackplate, rather than being immersed into it, as seen from the side. The keyboard's tiny proportions and distinct looks are due to its design.

     Topre REALFORCE 104U

The Cherry MX switch family is commonly seen in popular mechanical keyboards like the Das Keyboard. They aren't, however, the only ones on the street. Another form of mechanical keyboard switch is the Topre switch.

The Topre REALFORCE is the high-end mechanical keyboard from Topre Corp, a Japanese electronics manufacturer. The Topre Type Heaven, at $155, is a well-regarded option that is significantly less expensive.

      Kinesis Advantage

The Kinesis Advantage is a long-running, ergonomically built keyboard that differs significantly from what we're used to. Software engineers, IT workers, and web developers – people who spend a lot of time typing on their keyboards and using keyboard shortcuts and command-line interfaces — favour this keyboard. The Kinesis Advantage's ergonomics can assist reduce the impact of repetitive strain on your hands when you're typing for long periods of time. Its keys are spaced apart and tilted to match the natural positioning of your hands. Concave key wells on the keyboard reduce the distance your fingers must travel to reach a key.