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Best Gaming Keyboards for Gamers !

Posted by admin21 September 2021

PC KEYBOARDS ARE ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR ITEMS ON THE MARKET. There are message boards and subreddits devoted to debating the merits and drawbacks of various switch mechanisms, as well as scrutinising every feature and component, down to the plastic used in keycaps.

That's for a good cause, after all. Using a comfortable mouse and keyboard, you definitely spend a significant amount of time at your computer. Make those hours as pleasurable as possible, particularly now that so many of us work from home. Whether you have a fantastic laptop or a gaming-ready desktop PC, we've tested hundreds of keyboards at various price points. These are our top gaming  and other  picks.


Mechanical keyboards (the typically loud, clickety-clacky keyboards) are distinguished by their switches, which come in a variety of styles. They all have a different feel to them, and it's difficult to know which one is suitable for you without touching them. Logitech and Razer, for example, employ their own proprietary switches, which further complicates things.

  • ·                         Mid-stroke resistance on clicky switches is normally low, followed by a strong click as you press the key all the way down.

  • ·                        Tactile switches work similarly, although the click after the mid-stroke resistance is less pronounced.
  • ·                         Linear switches provide a similar feel to hair triggers on a game controller: they're smooth, rapid, and sensitive.

The best gaming keyboard will accompany you on your greatest PC gaming successes and losses for years to come. Aside from a gaming mouse, you'll use your gaming keyboard more than any other piece of hardware on your computer. As a result, selecting the best one for you is crucial.

  • Because gaming preferences differ from gamer to gamer, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all gaming keyboard. The variety of gaming keyboards available these days can be daunting.Keyboard switches come in a variety of textures and colours, so here's everything you need to know about the best mechanical keyboard switches available.

    Do you want to reduce desk space by going with a 60 percent tenkeyless keyboard or a full-sized keyboard with media controls? When it comes to switches, are you more of a Cherry Red or Razer Green person? If you're still undecided what you want, we can help you figure out which keyboard type is best for you. We've compiled a list of the top gaming keyboards we've tested this year to meet the demands and desires of most gamers.If these options are a little out of your price range, we have examined the best cheap gaming keyboards that won't break the bank.

  •            Optical Corsair K100 RGB

    When you want to go the extra mile and upgrade to the absolute best of the best, it's tough to find a more premium option than the Corsair K100 RGB. However, keep in mind that this is a huge keyboard that will necessitate a significant amount of desk cleaning before it can be safely placed. In terms of features, the K100 RGB, on the other hand, has it everything. A USB pass-through, a metal volume wheel, RGB lighting, and dedicated media controls When it comes to RGB, there's a lot of it on this keyboard.

              Mountain Everest Max

    The Mountain Everest Max gaming keyboard virtually embodies "all things to all people." Since the moment it got on my desk, it's been one of my favourite designs. The numpad on a full-size keyboard isn't always necessary for me, but it does come in handy on sometimes during the workday. But while I'm gaming, all I want is a little TKL board to bring my mouse and keyboard closer together and give me more desktop space to hurl around my mouse.

             Razer Cynosa Chroma

    The Cynosa features some of the best-feeling, low-profile membrane keys I've ever tested, and it's one of the most cheap gaming keyboards on the market at $60. (well, past a certain threshold of quality). While it lacks some of the features found on more modern gaming boards, such as a dedicated wrist rest or media controls, it does include Razer's rich RGB lighting, which can be customised per-key or applied by zones.

  •          G.Skill KM 360

    There is a current trend in the market for $200+ gaming keyboards, but it doesn't mean there aren't decent mechanical switch boards available at a lower cost. Often, these more budget-friendly solutions come with inexpensive switches from other manufacturers, however the G.Skill KM360 comes standard with the legendary Cherry MX Red linear switch.