These are the two giants of the gaming keyboard world at the moment. When talking about professional gaming, the Razer Huntsman Elite and the Corsair K70 MK2 are the ones that come to mind. In this blog, I would like to showcase the similarities and differences between both of these keyboards so that you can choose the right one for your needs.

  1. Switch

Razer uses an optical switch for their Huntsman Elite. This switch has an optical sensor on the inside. When activated, the sensor fires immediately. However, the K70 MK2 uses Cherry MX switches. In terms of speed, the Huntsman Elite is better. 

If you are a serious professional gamer who cares very much about actuation speed, I would ask you to go with the Huntsman Elite. However, if you want to get a familiar feel while typing, I would recommend using the K70.

  1. Wrist Rest

Both Keyboards have amazing wrist rests. The Huntsman Elite boasts a magnetic, leatherette wrist rest with Croma enabled underglow. The wrist rest is plush and can be used for a very long period of time.

The K70 also has a wrist rest that is soft to the touch and it boasts a better shape and feel. The wrist rest is detachable and is placed at an angle for long periods of comfortable gaming.

If wrist rest is important to you, I would recommend using the Corsair product as it had an overall comfortable feel. However, if you would like your wrist rest to be softer, I would recommend you the Huntsman.

  1. Onboard profiles

The K70 has 3 customizable onboard profiles with an onboard memory of 8MB. However, the Huntsman boasts 5 customizable onboard profiles and the storage on the Huntsman is Hybrid. The storage for the Huntsman profile is uploaded to the cloud.

If you have a thing for profiles and styles for working or gaming, I would recommend the Huntsman. The K70 is simpler as compared to the Huntsman with regards to this.

  1. Customization

The K70 can be customized using the iCue software from Corsair. Using the software, you can customize the lighting, the macros, and many more. The software can also be used to control other corsair products as well.

The Huntsman is customized using the Synapse software from Razer. You can set macros and change lighting using the software.


Both of these are excellent keyboards and you can choose what you like. If you are a super serious gamer, the Hunstman will be a perfect companion for you. With its amazing actuation speed and superb durability, the keyboard is a must-have for pros. 

However, if you want something subtle and want to use your keyboard for purposes other than just gaming, I would recommend you the K70. With its comfort and tactile feel, the K70 is an amazing all-rounder that you can use however you see fit.

Other keyboards that are similar to these would be Asus TUF K3, HP Omen Sequencer, Redragon K556, XPG Summoner, Vulcan PRO Optical, and Corsair Strafe.

Remember to choose a keyboard that is right for YOU and your needs. Check this guide out for more information on how to choose a keyboard.