Using Gaming Peripherals For Work

Posted by admin15 January 2021

Could you use a Gaming Keyboard or a Gaming Mouse for Work?

The short answer is YES! You can definitely use a gaming keyboard for work purposes. In some instances having a gaming keyboard for work purposes will actually boost your productivity. Here are some of the reasons to consider using a gaming keyboard for work:

  1. Having a durable, mechanical keyboard for long typing sessions.

If your work involves long typing sessions (Programming or content writing), you will need a durable keyboard that can handle heave typing sessions. This is where a gaming keyboard comes in.

Gaming keyboards are built for comfort and durability. Especially mechanical keyboards. These keyboards can be used for longer time periods without having any problems. Some keyboards offer a tactile feel with each press as well. Mechanical gaming keyboards like this and this are quite suitable for long typing sessions.

  1. Remap common shortcuts.

You could use a gaming keyboard to remap commonly used shortcuts in order to be faster and even more efficient. Commands that require two hands can be programmed as macro keys into the keyboard or into the mouse so they are just a small push of a button away to be executed.

You can even use the macro keys to shift between tabs of a browser you are working in especially if the information you are looking at is on another tab. This will just save you a few seconds but it will drastically reduce the annoyance of using your two hands just to shift to another tab.

Using these shortcuts especially during video editing is really beneficial since you will have a lot of keyboard shortcuts to use and the most annoying ones can be programmed into one key as a macro so that workflow will be smoother. This is a keyboard with programmable macro keys and this is a mouse with programmable buttons for setting key combinations.

  1. Execution of Complex Scripts

The software that comes with some of the highly complex gaming peripherals is used to automate certain game-related tasks. You could use a combination of software to set macros in order to automate a variety of functions in the workflow.

You could set macros to launch entire applications or set certain functions to them. This will ensure a smooth workflow and can directly increase productivity. You could also program macro keys to type in entire blocks of text while writing emails.

This and this are some of the best keyboards to program in order to run complex scripts.


You can use gaming keyboards in the workplace and even in certain situations, having a functional and durable gaming keyboard or mouse can even improve productivity. For more information on how to choose a gaming keyboard that is right for you, click here. You can also read about the pros and cons of mechanical and membrane gaming keyboards. 

So, find the right keyboard that is meant for you based on your work and work style and boost your productivity today!