Many of us spend quite a bit of time in front of a computer screen, and we have plenty of typing jobs for document creation, school work, and other work-related to computers. Hence it is crucial for improving typing speed, efficiency, and performance to get the right keyboard for the job.

A keyboard is primarily used for typing, but you might fall in love with a particular type of keyboard with the right features, layout, and switches.

With a variety of keyboards in the market with different kinds of switches choosing an ideal keyboard can cause a headache. With that being said, let’s move on to the ultimate keyboard selection guide.

What Keyboard Layout do you like?

Computer keyboards come in different layouts and people can choose the right one that fits their needs. The most popular keyboard sizes are Full-Size, TKL (Tenkeyless-80%), 75%, and 60%.

Full-Size keyboards are the full keyboards that a person normally pictures when he or she is asked about computer keyboards. This layout comes with the number pad on the side and is ideal for heavy number works in excel. This keyboard is also a perfect candidate for people who don’t know their preferences as well.

TKL keyboards lose the number pad on the right of the keyboard for some extra space on the desk. This kind of keyboard is highly popular among gamers since the space used by the keyboard is smaller.

The 75% keyboard is a more compact and crammed version of the TKL keyboard. It is not as popular as the TKL however, it is very practical.

The 60% keyboard is primarily taken for its practicality and aesthetics. This is one of the highly compact keyboards and is mainly used by fast typers. This is a very ergonomic layout.

What do you want your Keyboard to Feel Like?

Do you want to have a crisp and quiet response anytime you touch the keyboard? If so, then the best keyboard for you is a membrane keyboard, however, for the people who want a proper physical response from their keyboard, they better look for a mechanical keyboard.

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the switch determines the feedback felt by the users. People that like clicky sounds can look for clicky switches such as the Cherry MX blue or if they want something quieter, they can look for Cherry MX brown switches for tactile feedback.

What are the Aesthetic Features you are looking for?

Do you want RGB lighting? Or do you just want a keyboard with any backlighting? Or do you want a keyboard with no backlighting?

This is a crucial step as many gamers do not want to compromise on their aesthetics and get a keyboard just for the sake of getting one. If you are planning to build a gaming room, it is crucial for you to look into smaller details as such since many gaming rooms are themed.

But then there are also gamers who do not care and just get a keyboard for the sake of getting one. 

Find out by yourself if you want to focus on aesthetics or just the gameplay or both.

What are the Noise Levels You are Okay with?

Due to their robust build, mechanical keyboards are usually very noisy, especially the ones with clicky switches. There are people who actually prefer this sound and will actively look for such keyboards.

However, if you find the keyboard sounds annoying, look for membrane keyboards. They are significantly quieter than mechanical keyboards. There are also mechanical feel membrane keyboards available and many people like those.

But if you still want less sound with a mechanical keyboard, look for keyboards with linear switches and lube them up.

Would You Like to Travel?

Mechanical keyboards are heavy because of the independent switches and robust build. Therefore, it is annoying to carry them around. 

Membrane keyboards are significantly lighter than their mechanical counterparts and people that travel a lot tends to prefer this kind of keyboard. But with the arrival of compact mechanical keyboards, traveling with one has been significantly easier.

What is the Price Range You are Looking at?

Mechanical keyboards are higher priced than membrane keyboards because of robust build and individual switches. However, a mechanical keyboard should be seen as an investment since the durability of a mechanical keyboard is very high and can be used for a long period of time.

Buy membrane keyboards if you are looking for something cheaper and with an overall lower frame.


The keyboard is an integral part of our lives today. So knowing which one to buy can prove useful. 

Both mechanical and membrane keyboards have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important to read up on everything related to the keyboard you are purchasing to make an optimal purchase. Before you buy a keyboard, ask yourselves these questions and get a keyboard that is ideal for YOU.

Happy Gaming!