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Oliver twist

For the money, this is a fantastic wireless keyboard. The "backspace" key is the only thing I need to get used to. It's about half the size of the "backspace" key on a regular keyboard. Aside from that, two AA batteries will last a long time. The position of the keyboard on the desk is ideal for wrist comfort. Typing is made easier by a slight elevation on the back. I'm thinking of getting another just in case there's a spill and the keys become stuck.

jaims cruzer

It's a good deal and it's simple to use. As a result, there is only one USB port for the mouse and keyboard. I didn't like the fact that the keyboard's feet aren't moveable. It's perfect for my laptop.

Azif akbar

I was hoping to fall in love with this mouse. This sort of form factor, which includes a nice little ledge for your thumb to rest on, is underappreciated by mouse manufacturers. Despite the recent trend in favour of ultra-light mice, I still prefer heavier mice, and this thing feels wonderful and substantial with the weights added. Finally, the fact that the mouse is WIRED appealed to me greatly. After testing a variety of wireless mice, I've discovered that no matter what the claims are, they're always prone to connection issues and, even when they function well for a while, they're a pain to remember to charge. In addition, the new hero sensor is fantastic.

Albert eysten

The G502 Hero is a fantastic mouse that is a one-time purchase for most people. The seller must recognise that this is a high-priced item. You could put in a little more effort when it comes to packaging.I've been using this mouse for a while and I'm really like it. It's something I'd strongly suggest!


The mouse is excellent for gaming and has an excellent sensor. clicks are quiet and pleasant to hear.
However, the long-term viability is somewhat speculative. This mouse is quite comfortable to use.It has a really smooth feel it

Dona basen

I love it, it's exactly what I want, I can't explain it, you have to have one of these things, I know there are thousands of mouse and keyboard out there, but this one is one of the best that most people can afford, I spent like 4 hours online looking for a match for my msi because msi mouse and keyboard asking unfair prices, then I found red dragon, I'm happy, and my desktop is happy as well.

Andria Jelmin

This is a really pricey keyboard. I'll say this: I appreciate the keyboard's quality, weight, and feel. It can be connected by Bluetooth or with the provided dongle. Great! I thought this would be a great solution for having two PCs, one for business and one for gaming, because of the cool LED lights that comes with it. I was able to use the wireless peripherals with both machines without having to deal with a lot of wires.

Daniel Jaison

The best mechanical RGB keyboard for the money. Unless you're into Esports Gaming, go with a tenkeyless keyboard if you're a coder. The Hyperx ngenuity software is fantastic, and it comes with everything you need to configure this keyboard. To upload the modification, the keyboard features three onboard memory buttons.

Rohit shetty

It's a great keyboard and mouse combination. Silent touch is a fantastic feature; I don't hear any sound from the keyboard, which is quite silent. I appreciate that it's water-resistant and has vents and holes on the bottom to catch any spillage. The mouse works well and tracks well, with clicks and double clicks being precise. There's only one dongle for the keyboard and mouse, so there's no need to worry about hogging two ports. The USB dongle may be plugged into both the mouse and the keyboard when not in use, so you don't have to worry about losing it. Both the mouse and the keyboard include on-off keys, so you can preserve battery life by turning them off at the end of the day.